December 29, 2009

Grey Areas

None of us are master of everything.Life is fully of many unexpected events.The grey areas represent uncertainty. In life not everything is black and white even though we wish them to be. There are times in your life where you have to deal with uncertainty. Its like flipping a quarter, you hope it lands on heads and as you watch it flip in the air, it lands on tails. These are the scariest times in life, when you realize that everything is not certain. Most of the time, we create plans for ourselves and believe in our hearts that this is what will happen. But, God somehow seems to change things around when we least expect it.

Even I at times have in my mind how things I planned for so long will pan out. I thought, well I did X and Y so definitely I should end up at Z, but life does not quite happen that way. And sometimes we look as those times as areas of disappointments, setback or failures. But after talking to some of my mentors on this matter, I learned that we have to accept the grey areas in our lives and learn how to deal with it positively. We must have hope and faith that even when we do not understand when things go right when they are suppose to go left...just believe that they go left for a better reason. That the areas in life which seem uncertain will sooner or later become clearer. And hopefully it will build character and some great qualities that will make you stronger and more wiser.

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