December 19, 2009

Dedicated for you

You gave me a life that was alien to me
You showed me love is for real not just a fantasy

You look at me, hold my hands & take me strength to strength
You gave me a belief love is heavenly, it's not all about pain

Even when you are upset & down with agony
I understand it's temporary, I can see love in your heart for me

Whatever you do, you do it with intense passion
You've given love a all new dimension

You've the ability to face the strife & keep our love on roll
You've the magical power to make me happy & touch my soul

You're pretty to say the least, it's not about generosity
But you're prettier by your inner shines, I'm charmed by your inner beauty

And it's a piece of writing about an angel who's making my all dreams true
You're everything to me, I'm all yours & this poem is dedicated to you

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