January 13, 2009


I have come to realize that most of us in this world do not use the incredible potential which we have inside ourselves to the fullest, except few. Certain of our considerable capacities are completely dormant. It might be due our ignorance, situation in which we are held up, financial constraints and so on. I now know that all are somewhere very different and unique that we have immense qualities which are simply not exploited and I am going to give you a precise example to illustrate the situation which most of us are in at certain point of time, please read on: 

Imagine a person who has never known any modern technology (for example someone living in the heart of a dense jungle). One day this person is given a radio tuned in to a very precise radio station and he finds it suddenly extraordinary to be able to listen to music through what is essentially a small box. He is told that to listen to this music he need only press the 'on' button without having to do anything else to listen to this music. This person thinks this radio is a wonderful invention and then spends a number of years listening to this radio and to the same program as the radio stays on the same station all of the time. And then one day someone else comes along and shows him that there are a multitude of other stations and frequencies to listen to with many other programs that can be as interesting as the first.... all are in the position of this person  and our potential can be compared to this radio. Our potential is not yet fully exploited and we are not yet aware of certain of your hidden talents. We must become aware of the happenings around us and in life when we get a person who shows us exactly how we can tune in to these new frequencies. This is a metaphorical example but it demonstrates clearly the situation in which we find ourselves at a certain point of time. 


So let us discover ourselves and kick of our unique talents and we must be aware of different fields, so that we reach the peak of it...I like to finish it with a single line….’’IGNORANCE IS BLISS ATTIMES, BUT NOT ALLTIMES’’

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