December 31, 2008


''HAPPY NEWYEAR'' that greeting will be said and heard at least the first couple of week as new year gets underway...Let the new year bash begin....its the time to celebrate the birth of new year....lets forget all the worries and the hard moments which we had this year and make the new year stupendous....let all the failures which we had go of into tad.....let the beginning of this year bring in joy ,wealth ,health ,peace and joie de vivre in our life..


On this particular all us remember the  remarkable happenings whatever happened in last year and keep it in our mind....on this day, TV ,radio and newspapers bring out various endeavors of the past year...special programs are conducted and these things makes the holiday much remarkable...Another special thing about this day is, most of us would take something as NEWYEAR'S RESOLUTION [like not to lie here after, bad habit etc] which we would never pursue and swindle our self...Anyways we will take a resolution this year too....even though Jan 1 is considered as new year...the celebration's begins by Dec 31 night...everyone special way of celebrating it bye going to pub, beaches, temple, cinema, relative's house, get together with have a nice time with all your beloved adored ones....HAPPY NEWYEAR ALL...HAVE A NICE TIME...............


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hoori said...

Happpppppppppyyyyyy New Year